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The portable MS Pico system is the adaptation of continuous monitoring technology used by DIAEL to solve efficiently spot measures. BlueBOX technology not only allows the offline PD measurement like traditional systems, but also thanks to its automatic noise suppression system and automatic localization tools, it enables the online PD measurement. The online PD measurements diagnostics avoid costly installation discharging as well as the use of complex mobile generators.




Pico |

Optimized Portable System for Partial Discharge Monitoring
The measurement instrument MS Pico is the ideal solution for the measurement of partial discharges in services for spot monitoring in agile and simple way. It includes a last generation recorder with the capacity to capture partial discharges and perform a complete diagnosis. It allows to realize a measurement of partial discharges in less than 3 minutes.
This equipment allows the capture of signals of partial discharges and voltage reference to obtain the parameters of frequency and phase shift. It has functions to use a voltage reference with variable frequency configured by user. The system allows to transmit to a PC the captured raw signals for partial discharges and voltage reference. The control of the equipment is made from the PC through a USB 3.0 connection. The MS Pico measurement equipment is designed to make measurements quickly and easily, making it an excellent tool for both periodic maintenance and acceptance tests.

Name : MS Pico

Brand : Diael

The company ‘Diagnóstico del Aislamiento Eléctrico, S.L.’ (DIAEL) grew out from a research sponsored in 2006 by ‘Unión Fenosa Distribución’ (UFD) in the field of partial discharges which was developed within the ‘Polytechnic University of Madrid’ (UPM) in close collaboration with the ‘Laboratorio Central Oficial de Electrotecnia’ (LCOE). Such research materialized in a new system of measurement and monitoring of partial discharges for High Voltage cables. Additional researches conducted between 2009 and 2012 have allowed to extend the developments to the field of cables to the areas of Power Transformers and Gas-Insulated Substations (GIS). Also, DIAEL has expanded its range of products and services in the area of High Voltage testing and measuring techniques with temperature measuring equipments by means of optical fiber, systems of generation and measurement of lightning impulses, etc. DIAEL is a spin-off of the UPM with headquarters in Madrid created in 2010, specialized in measurement techniques of high technological level based in the signal processing. DIAEL is advised by a committee of experts with extensive experience in the field of high voltage tests and measurements formed by professors and high qualified personnel. DIAEL participates actively in numerous national and international conferences (CIGRE, CIRED, SMART GRIDS, ALTAE, MATELEC, …). DIAEL has expanded its international sales network by establishing agreements with large companies that allow it to position itself in multiple countries all over the world. Https://