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Fire Prevention Concentrator (FPC) is a part of the FIPRES system for monitoring the status of FPA, for displaying and recording events and transfer information to the workstation (both local and remote). FPC has a 4-line LCD display with backlight, status indicators, a three-button keyboard for viewing the event log.

The system can be installed both in existing or new electrical panels | Thermolabels do not require power supply and are immune to electromagnetic interference | Ability to find fault location with high accuracy | Сontinuous monitoring of equipment. 

In 30% of cases, the cause of a fire is a malfunction associated with electrical wiring. Faults may be due to poor connection, improper selection of circuit breakers and switches, old wiring or overloads. It is very important to identify weak points in order to prevent fire. A natural indicator of faulty wiring is its heat. The new FIPRES (Fire Prevention System) by Streamer works on the basis of this principle.




Download: FIPRES

Name : Fire Prevention Concentrator FPC 220

Brand : Streamer

Streamer is a specialist for innovative solutions which improve the reliability of medium and high voltage electrical networks. Streamer invests more than 10% of its turnover every year in three different R&D centers:
• St. Petersburg, Russia - in cooperation with the State Polytechnical University of St. Petersburg;
• Moscow, Russia - for the development of electronic products;
• Chur, Switzerland - in cooperation with University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil

Lightning protection from 6 to 123kV A unique lightning protection solution for overhead line: Line Lightning Protection Devices (LLPDs) with EasyQuench (EQ) technology that has been invented and patented by Streamer. More than 1 million of LLPDs have been installed worldwide (Russia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, UAE, Iran, Vietnam, Switzerland, Germany etc.).
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TRANSEC is an online drying solution for oil insulated transformer of all sizes. It can be installed, operated and regenerated while the Transformer is running and operational. It pumps the transformer oil continuously through its cylinders and thereby extract the moisture smoothly from the paper. Due to the robust design and it`s operation principle, TRANSEC is the most cost-efficient drying solution for Transformer!