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Envirotemp FR3 fluid is a natural ester derived from renewable vegetable oils – providing improved fire safety, transformer life/loadability, and environmental benefits that are superior to mineral oil and unsurpassed by any other dielectric coolant. Because it is derived from renewable raw materials, it has a very low carbon footprint – unequalled by any other dielectric fluid option. Envirotemp FR3 fluid has been used in more than 1 million distribution and power transformers worldwide and is proven in transformers through 420kV. Some of the largest utilities and transformer manufacturers around the world trust their power and distribution transformers to Envirotemp FR3 fluid.

1. Cost efficiencies, optimized transformer performance, grid reliability

• Extend insulation life

• Increase loadability

• Solid insulation is continuously dried

2. Increased fire safety

• Highest fire point (>360C) available K-class fluids

3. Improved environmental footprint with best-in-class environmental


4. Keeps dielectric performance at very low temperatures

5. Robust solution for all non-free breathing transformers

With over one million installations across six continents and validated in over 250 tests, Envirotemp FR3 fluid has unique features that can provide utilities and their OEM partners the ability to achieve greater cost savings and efficiencies. FR3 fluid meets IEC and IEEE specifications, and is FM Global approved.





FR3 IBC Tank of 1000L


Brand : Cargill

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