STREAMER - re-engineering overheadline clamp against CoVid!

A simple solution for the prevention of COVID-19

The key measures to prevent coronavirus are to avoid crowds, do not touch your face, and one of the most important is to minimize the interaction with surfaces of “popular objects” that are encountered by everyone. For example, did you know that the dirtiest part of a car is far from tires, but a steering wheel?

Coronavirus makes us all significantly limit our mobility and contacts. Why is it important? It is a respiratory virus. It is transmitted primarily by airborne droplets. And the main goal for those who do not want to get sick is to reduce contact with “viral droplets”.

What does it mean? A sick person sneezed into the hand, with the same palm he grabbed the handrail in the transport or the cart in the store, opened the door, which the healthy person opened after him. And the virus is already in a new palm - eyes are rubbed, yawned, covering the mouth ... and here is another person on the list of infected people.
Therefore, it is very important to avoid touching public objects, especially those that we are forced to touch. For example, door handles.
Can we do something for ourselves, for our loved ones, to defend ourselves? We want to share this lifehack with you.