Online 3-core cable PD measurement and localization_TNB Malaysia

In June, 2022, Paralec has performed online PD measurement on 6.35 kV, 3-core power cable in Malaysia. With many powerful features such as, PD localization, noise suppression, PD clustering etc, 2 unit of MS pico, BlueBox technologies, has been carried out for the test and localization. These 2 unit perform the measurement on both side of the cable at the same time and synchronize by GPS.  With limitation of cable's grounding of each phase, HFCT sensors are clamped though common ground to detect the PD pattern. 

Measurement 1: with 6 cable joints in between 2 terminals

Measurement 2: with 5 cable joints in between 2 terminals

The measurement has been carried for 20 mins of each cables, test circuit setup included. 

On locaiton1: There are 4 internal PD activities inside the cable. 

On location 2: Partial discharge activities characteristic of internal defect has been observed, which may pose a medium or long term risk.